Quality Analysis - Auswertung von 3D Daten
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Analysis and evaluation of 3d data

Expert knowledge prepared comprehensibly

Analysis and evaluation of your 3d data by our experts

We evaluate the 3D data acquired for you and provide you analyses that are prepared so they are comprehensible and answer your questions directly and comprehensibly. In this way, with the aid of 3D data, our experts support you during your work, irrespective of whether the issue is research and development, production or quality assurance.

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Analysis of your 3d data with the best software

During the analysis and individual evaluation of your 3D data, we rely on ZEISS Inspect Pro. This software enables us to plan the measurement sequences virtually and as a result to implement your task even more efficiently. Trend analyses, analyses of shape and position or even digital assembly based on the 3D data analysed are not a problem.

Fast, reliable
evaluation of your 3d data

Quality Analysis Auswertung - FLÄCHENVERGLEICH
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Surface comparison

We acquire and analyse the deviation of a workpiece from the planned geometry (e.g. CAD data) during a nominal-actual comparison. The magnitude of the deviation from the nominal state can be depicted clearly with the aid of a false-colour image and analysed highly precisely.

Analyse Ihrer 3D-Daten Software
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Dimension, shape and position

During geometric dimensional inspection we undertake comprehensive measurements of standard geometries, freeform surfaces as well as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). Due to the high data density a large number of inspection features can be evaluated quickly and precisely.

Quality Analysis Auswertung - STL Modell
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The preparation of an STL model makes possible a wide range of options for the direct or subsequent utilisation of the 3D data acquired in production. The models can be used, for instance, for reverse engineering or 3D printing.

Quality Analysis Auswertung - ERSTBEMUSTERUNG
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Initial sampling

During initial sampling, it is determined whether all the conditions necessary for the high-quality series production of a product are present in your production. In this way you avoid expensive scrap, the time consuming re-adjustment of your machines and other expensive alterations to the process sequence.

Quality Analysis Auswertung - TRENDANALYSE
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Trend analysis

During trend analysis, regular random samples from the production process are analysed. Specific dimensions on the component are acquired continuously and deviations in the trend over time compared in detail. Statistical process control makes it possible to adjust the process ideally and to detect gradual degradations in the process at an early stage.

Quality Analysis Auswertung - Reverse Engineering
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An existing product is analysed and digitally reconstructed during reverse engineering. This action provides insights into the construction of the item inspected. In this way CAD data, for instance for old components from the time before the "digital age", can be obtained from the existing component.

3d scanning for the acquisition of all external geometry

To prepare a 3D model of your component, we scan the entire external contour of your component quickly and precisely using an optical camera system. Using the millions of measurement points, the component is reconstructed digitally and can be evaluated in many ways. The spectrum of components ranges from battery trays and cell systems, through injection moulded and die-cast components, sheet metal parts, to prototypes. A major advantage of our measuring systems is that they are suitable for mobile use - measurements can be made at any time on site in your facility.

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You receive from us precise analyses of your data, even at short notice. We have both the necessary personnel and the latest software solutions for the evaluation of the data acquired.

Our software

For software, we rely on ZEISS Inspect Pro, one of the most advanced, versatile tools for the analysis and evaluation of 3D data. So that you can rely on our results at any time.


We support and train you in the use of ZEISS Inspect Pro and the evaluation options for your 3D data.


With extensive experience, excellent software and sound expertise, our experts obtain the best from every analytical method so that you can rely on excellent measurement results.

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DAkkS accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Accredited test laboratory for optical metrology

Our organisation is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS). We are one of the few test laboratories in Europe in which all specialist areas have been successfully accredited.

You can read more about our accreditation, the prerequisites and the related advantages for you here.

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Frequently asked questions about the evaluation of 3d data

How are the 3d data acquired for evaluation?

The basis for our work is highly precise 3D scans. By using the latest 3D measuring equipment, we acquire a large amount of data with each scan. These data are efficiently evaluated with the aid of the software ZEISS Inspect Pro, which offers numerous options for the analysis and further use of the data. The major advantage: once a component has been acquired by the measuring equipment, the data are always available.




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We would be pleased to advise you about the possibilities. The goal: the best, most cost-effective and most efficient analysis of your component.

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