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GOM Inspect is an analysis software application from ZEISS for the evaluation of STL and 3D data generated either using optical metrology or industrial computed tomography. It is necessary to differentiate between the free-of-charge software application, GOM Inspect, and GOM Inspect Pro, which must be purchased.

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Analysis of digital models using GOM Inspect software
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GOM Inspect as analysis software for the evaluation of STL data
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What is GOM Inspect?

GOM Inspect is a software application used for data evaluation after a measurement using an optical measuring instrument or another system, such as a computer tomograph. The declared goal of the manufacturer is to offer one software application suitable for all inspection tasks based on STL data. As such, it is possible to import CAD data, edit the mesh, undertake a 3D inspection and prepare reports with the free-of-charge GOM software application.

Advanced functions with GOM Inspect Pro

In addition, GOM Inspect Pro offers the possibility of preparing trend analyses and undertaking parametric inspections, scripting can also be used. With GOM Inspect Pro it is possible to assemble virtually the components scanned and in this way to check their fit.

GOM Inspect in use at Quality Analysis

GOM Inspect Pro for target/actual comparisons, dimensional inspections and trend analyses

At Quality Analysis we use GOM Inspect Pro for the evaluation of the STL data we have acquired previously – in our accredited test laboratories or on site at the customer – using our systems. In this way, we are able to offer our customers prompt, reliable evaluations.

We use GOM Inspect Pro for nominal-actual comparisons based on the CAD data, as well as for actual-actual comparisons. All dimensions and geometries can be constructed, programmed and evaluated during dimensional inspection. All analyses of shape and position tolerances are also possible with GOM Inspect Pro. In this way position tolerances, surface shapes, roundness, concentricities and much more can be evaluated and depicted visually. We compare deviations over several parts using trend analysis. A surface inspection – if necessary with inspection against a limit sample – is also possible.

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Practical example: this is how GOM Inspect Pro makes an STL Model from the data from a 3D scan

A frequent application for GOM Inspect is the preparation of three-dimensional models from the data produced during a 3D scan. The data from such a scan are initially only available as a cloud of points. This cloud can include up to 12 million points per individual measurement. Here the software application GOM Inspect Pro acts as 3D scanning software that converts the data acquired previously into a three-dimensional STL model. This model can be utilised for numerous applications, from reverse engineering, through 3D printing, to the digital assembly of the components acquired.

Summary: GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect is a software application for the evaluation of 3D data acquired with a 3D scanner or another system, for example a computer tomograph. The goal is that the user can tackle all the necessary tasks using a single software application. Alongside the basic free-of-charge version, GOM Inspect Pro with advanced functionality is available for purchase.

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