With our complete range of analytic services for quality assurance we are uniquely positioned in Europe. Our national and international customers greatly cherish the benefit that arises from the interlinking of all analytic options.

All departments work together seamlessly and offer an optimal range of resources that you can use to bring about your own success. Starting from this strategic understanding of our services, we see ourselves as a partner for development and solutions and we maintain a special relationship of trust with our customers.

We started with quality strategies in 2007 at a time when industrial analyses that are taken for granted today were still new. Since there we have taken on the role of the technological vanguard in this field.

A milestone in our company history was the occupation of the new company building in Nürtingen in August 2017. On a land area of ​​8,521 square meters, a 900 square meter administrative complex and a 2,100 square meter service center were built, one of the largest in the industrial metrology world of Europe. The architecture of the building as well as our present work environment reflects consistently how we act as a company: adaptable, with the flexibly to change and the ability to implement new things quickly.

The future-oriented building technology combined with an energy-efficient construction set new standards, for example with air-conditioning without air-conditioning units, by intelligently using interactions between building materials, storage lake and evaporation effects - without any energy input.

The "FORUM ZUKUNFT – Qualität im Dialog" will also be located in the new building. Its program compromises lectures and events for the professional exchange of information and opinions for all those who have the highest quality on the flag.