The scanning electron microscope makes it possible to look inside material samples


3D imaging with preparation on nano-scale using FIB-SEM microscopy:

With our Crossbeam 350 from Zeiss we have a high-resolution field-emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) combined with the processing functions of a focussed ion beam and a femtosecond laser. In this way cross-sections can be produced in the material with only very minor thermal and mechanical effects.


FIB-SEM microscopy is suitable in particular for the analysis of the functional layout of high-performance electronics, e.g. chips or wafers, for the complete analysis of delicate coatings. Material compositions, soldered joints, microstructures or flaws in the material can also be analysed.


Analysis of coatings and coating systems

  • Target preparation of thermally sensitive coatings without the application of heat (cross-section)
  • Measurement of coating thickness and determination of element composition
  • Analysis of flaws, e.g. cracks or deposits of foreign material

Analysis of microstructures

  • Analysis of deposits at the particle boundaries
  • Analysis of intermetallic phases
  • Analysis of inclusions and contamination

Analysis of electronic assemblies

  • Analysis of soldered joints
  • Analysis of faulty ceramic capacitors
  • Verification of cracks due to mechanical overload, inclusions, wetting effects, thermal damage




The ZEISS Crossbeam 350 is a high-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) that also includes a focused ion beam (Ga-FIB) and an integrated femtosecond laser of the next generation.

A deep region of interest (ROI) is exposed in a separate sample chamber using the femtosecond laser. Then the sample is moved to the sample chamber of the FIB-SEM, finely polished using the gallium ion beam and then analysed using the electron microscope. Element analysis using EDX is also possible.

Technical details for the ZEISS Crossbeam 350:

  • Specific spatial resolution (SEM): 0.8 nm at 30 kV, 0.9 nm at 15 kV, 1.7 nm at 1 kV
  • Specific spatial resolution (FIB): 3 nm at 30 kV, 120 nm at 1 kV
  • Detectors: Inlens Duo for sequential SE/EsB imaging, SESI ion detector, EDX detector
  • Sample chamber: 330 mm inside diameter, 270 mm height
  • Maximum travel: x,y =100 mm, z=55 mm


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