New Service Center for High-Tech Analysis

Quality Analysis GmbH builds a new company building. A consistently sustainable building, a place of comprehensive quality analysis, a future forum: 75 employees will find a high-tech work location at the “Großer Forst” in Nürtingen.

Quality Analysis offers – with computed tomography, materialography, metrology and technical cleanliness verification– industrial analysis in a unique dimension. With cutting-edge technologies and experience as a pioneer in quality analysis, we have become the leading competence center in the field of quality assurance. Continuity, trust and, most of all, a high level of transparency of all processes are an essential asset for the partnership with nationally and internationally acting companies.

Nürtingen as a new location.
We would have built on the original site in Dettingen unter Teck. However, there is no suitable construction site in the community and therefore, the choice fell in the new industrial park “Großer Forst” in Nürtingen. A 900 qm large office complex and a 2,100 qm service center will be created on a property of 8,521 qm, one of the largest in the industrial quality assurance world in Europe.

The architecture is consistently oriented toward the work method of the company: adaptable, with a high level of artistry, to address changes flexibly and the ability to implement new processes quickly. Short, efficient ways, a team-minded work environment free of barriers, open and transparent: Those were the various demands placed by CEO Josef Faigle on planning.

With perfection, a work world will be created which reflects the competence of the company. The new office complex will support the creative design of the future work environment as a platform, which promotes networked and digitalized working methods, communication and innovation. At the same time, the changeable room concepts allow maximum flexibility in order to hold events, presentations and seminars at any time. In the new building, the “FORUM ZUKUNFT - Qualität im Dialog“ has its premiere.

Insulate and air-condition naturally.
A future-oriented building technology in combination with an energy-efficient structure sets new standards, for example with regard to air conditioning concept. Because of the alternating effects between the construction materials, an impounding reservoir and the evaporation effects, no conditioning systems are needed and thereby, no energy is used. The grass roof offers natural insulation from summer heat radiation and heat loss in the cold season.

For this significant step in our company history, we rely on what always characterizes our daily activities: stable partnerships with a strong house banks, committed tax consultation and an extremely effective and exemplary collaboration with the city of Nürtingen, the administration union and all offices and authorities. The affiliated companies, planning offices and the competent architect office Hülle2 are all pulling together –all the way up to Großer Forst.

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