Expanded Scope of Services

We expand our machinery with investments in new technologies. Thanks to new capacities, we are able to respond to your demands with even greater flexibility in industrial metrology. In materialography the investments yield new scopes of service.

The following systems are available in industrial metrology: ZEISS O- INSPECT will open up the area of optical metrology. ZEISS CONTURA and ZEISS ACCURA extend the area of tactile metrology. This allows us to react quickly and more flexibly to your order.

The materialography now has a RAMAN spectroscope by Renishaw and a fully automated FT-IR microscope by Bruker. With new analysis capabilities in the area of RAMAN and FT-IR spectography, we are able to specify organic and inorganic materials and make statements about material properties. By determining organic elements, we can also provide a greater analytical depth as part of the particle analysis in the area of technical cleanliness verification.

You can find further information on the specialized division pages under Technical Equipment.

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