Quality Analysis - Management with long-term vision


What drives us and moves us forward

One of our prime movers is the ability to offer highly specialised services to such a comprehensive extent and at the high level that we can today. The continuous growth of the company goes back to the seamless interaction with our employees and our business partners. Everything interacts, everything is harmonised, all ultimately work together and continue to drive forward the company. From a start-up in 2007 to the business that we are today.

We are proud we have been able to create a trusting environment. Our customers feel they are in good hands if they come to us with a problem. With our analyses we provide a dependable basis for decisions. And we are particularly pleased by the high level of acceptance, the trust and the appreciation of our customers.

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Consulting on the subject of quality analyses

What is special about QUALITY ANALYSIS?

Small and medium-sized companies often do not have the financial means to integrate all the necessary engineering services technologically and cost-effectively into their business. We provide these companies in a wide range of industries with access to these high-quality analytical methods. This enables them to further develop their products and processes.

With our partnership-based communication between equals, we take away the hesitation about using these often overpriced and highly scientific analysis methods. We are service providers through and through, which means: goal-orientated, competitive and competent. We are never saturated, but are constantly evolving.

Training of employees on new systems of measurement technology

How we work and think

We are conscious of what we can do, who we are and what we want. We do not treat our customers as kings, but as partners. We place ourselves in the situation of our customers, think about what we are doing and work effectively and consistently. We do not sell anything our customer does not need, but only what our customer actually needs.

There is something that we cannot do: stand still. We are continuously investing in our systems and employees, are open to new ideas and implement them quickly. We connect together our technologies in a network and offer a high level of added value for our customers by means of these synergies.

Reflected light microscopy for technical cleanliness

Transparency and decision-making power

At Quality Analysis we have a flat hierarchy combined with very extensive and far-reaching power to make decisions in the specialist areas. Quick, competent decisions are the result such that we can always react at short notice. Transparency is also very important for us – including inside our company.

We communicate openly in the specialist areas about all the company's key figures and results such that all employees are directly involved in corporate matters and responsibilities.