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HIGH-TECH Services
in Nuertingen

Quality Analysis has its headquarters in Germany. Around 80 employees work in administration as well as in the service areas industrial computed tomography, optical metrology, industrial metrology, technical cleanliness verification, chemical analytics und materialography.

The spacious administration complex and the large service centre for our high-tech services are on a site covering more than 8,500 square metres. The architecture of the modern, energy-efficient building is consistently orientated on the way in which the company works: short distances, an environment suitable for working in a team without barriers, along with open and transparent structures.

High-tech service center in Nuertingen


Analysis office
in Aargau

The company has another site in Switzerland. Here we are located in the techno park of the Aargau high-tech centre and are part of a network of innovative companies from the technology and research sector.

Analysis office of Quality Analysis in Switzerland

Our entire capacity and performance are available to you on both sites.
This includes our exceptionally short response time, the entire spectrum of analyses, the provision of specific technical advice, logistics and parts handling (collection and delivery) and direct contacts on site.

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Our values, our promise

Modern and spacious company building at Quality Analysis

Openness and transparency

The service centre in Nuertingen was planned and built to suit our requirements and needs exactly. In 2017 we were able to move in and since then it has proven a great success. The spacious building became a platform for the employees. The spatial concept and the visionary implementation encourage networked, digitised working, communication and innovation. Glass and concrete in the interior provide transparency and strength as well as separating areas without marginalising. A spacious extension is planned for 2024/2025.

Clean room laboratory for technical cleanliness

Safety and confidentiality

Our six specialist technical areas are housed in the service centre. Individual spatial concepts provide perfect analysis conditions for every specialist area. All specialist areas have access controls. In this way we ensure integrity, trust and discretion in relation to our customers.

Modern analysers in all Quality Analysis departments

High-Tech Analyses

In every specialist area we place great value on a comprehensive range of equipment that is always technically state-of-the-art. The result is specialised facilities that are unique in terms of their scope and range. The high technical level, the market-leading technology and our willingness to invest guarantee our customers a unique variety of analysis options as well as informative, exact and quick results.

Pioneering building technology with energy-efficient construction

Energy concept

The advanced building services combined with the energy-efficient construction are setting new standards. Air heat pumps are used as an efficient form of air-conditioning for heating and cooling the building. The electrical power they consume is provided by the photovoltaic system on the building roof. Interactions between construction materials, stream water, roof greening and evaporation effects are also used for air-conditioning – without using any energy.

IT infrastructure at Quality Analysis

IT Infrastructure

Our partner econtrol media services GmbH is also located in the company building. This company develops all IT solutions for Quality Analysis, interfaces to our customers and their systems, provides the servers and takes care of the administration and further development of the network environment. Currently there are more than 25 servers and 760 terabytes of storage capacity in the data centre. The internal network provides our employees with network ports with a capacity of up to 10 Gbit/s. In total, more than 950 CPU cores and 5.5 terabytes of memory are available to our employees so that they can work quickly and efficiently, even with large amounts of data.